the BOZO

Rick Adam is a contemporary singer-songwriter and clown,
who blends acoustic music with theater to create an experi-
ence which is both traditional and cutting edge. Using music,
mime, circus skills, storytelling and humor, he creates a style
that is emotionally evocative, innovative and personal.

Starting his acting career with the Rhode Island Shakespeare
, he also has performed with the Celebration Mime
and was the artistic director of the Heart of Gold
Vaudeville Company
for over 20 years. He has been featured on television, radio and film. Rick has shared venues with Garth
Brooks, Phyllis Diller, Dick Cavett, and Phish... to name a few.
He appeared on a PBS video series now part of the
Permanent Collection of the Smithsonian Institute and has
been an entertainer of choice at Bruce Springsteen's home in
New Jersey.

Rick has toured everywhere, from fairs to festivals,
elementary schools to colleges, and from Russia to
maximum security prisons.

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